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Films in Production

Meat Cute: A Vegan Cannibal Rom-Com (post production)

A Night to Dismember: A scorned woman has her day in the sun. (preproduction)

Rescue Blows: An ambulance officer loses the game of love. (Development)

A Peregrination of Sadness: A disembodied eyeball defies the odds to find peace within himself while in search of his other.(Development)

Bike Messenger: A hipster meets a mob wife and adventure unexpected ensues. (Screenplay)

Dreadful Sheppard: A preteen of the 19th century reanimates his best friend. (Screenplay)

Vivian Smash: A rockstar goes missing with all of the money, one ride or die bandmember doesn't accept the story and finds the truth.

The Handoff: An action short based on Bike Messenger. (Preproduction)

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